George IV Pair Silver Wine Coasters
Sheffield, 1824                                           #20109
S.C. Younge & Co.
Fully marked on sides and basses, floral chased sides and applied rims
Diameter:  6 ¼ inches

George III Pair Silver Wine Coasters
London, 1800                                              #20110
Maker:  Abstainando King
Grimwade mark #49
Engraved monogram L on center bosses
Fully marked on sides with turned wood bases
Diameter 5 ¾ inches

Pair George III Antique Glass Decanters
c. 1790-1800                                                      #20303
Body designed with three interval rings with fan-shapped, fluted stoppers
Height:  10 ½ inches

Pair George III Antique Glass Decanters                                                             c. 1800-1810                                                      #20302
Body designed with three interval rings with diamond–cut design and bull’s eye stoppers
Height:  10 ¾ inches

Pair George III Silver Bottle Tickets
London,  1798                                           #20095
Makers:  Thomas Phipps & Edward Robinson
(Grimwade mark entered 1789)    
Labeled Sherry & Port (see detail photo)

Pair Victorian Silver-Gilt Bottle Tickets    
London, 1849                                            #20096
Makers; Charles Reilly & George Storer
(Grimwade mark #43)
Labeled Madiera & Sherry (see detail photo)

American Coin Silver Communion Paten
Philadelphia, PA, c. 1820                                #20100
Maker:  Edward Lownes (1792-1834)
Maker’s mark struck on reverse (E. Lownes) with pseudomark above
Applied shell border and circular foot
Diameter:  6 inches