Our family heritage is greatly influenced by our English ancestors, including a Mayflower voyager and Margaret Howard, an eighth generation descendent of Edward I, King of England, (1239-1305). Within the coat-of-arms (the gold shield), you will note the influence of the Scotch Ancestor, Robert The Bruce.

We turned a passion for collecting into a business and by 1996 founded our first shop in Lahaska, Pennsylvania, naming it "Britannia House."  This was home to our antique gallery and second floor complement, Best of British Tea Room for over five years. Soon our interests expanded beyond these walls and we took our fine silver and paintings on the road to shows in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland. A selection of current inventory, is featured at our gallery: www.theantiquestoreltd.com in Wayne, Pennsylvania. This can be a worthwhile travel experience. See www.mapquest.com for travel directions. Be certain to contact us before making the trip.

About Our Company
“Britannia” (now England) was one of many geographic areas Julius Caesar collected and named during his rule of the Roman Empire. More recently the name “Britannia was used to describe the purity of silver: “Britannia silver is an alloy of silver containing 95.84% silver, with the balance mostly copper. This standard, being slightly higher than sterling silver, was introduced in England by Act of Parliament in 1697, and had a brief run as the ONLY standard for silver. However, for many reasons, sterling silver was approved again for use by silversmiths from 1 June 1720, and thereafter “Britannia” silver has remained an optional higher standard for silver assay in the United Kingdom and Ireland. We pride ourselves that our inventory is of the very highest quality, a tribute to the “Britannia Standard.”

Our Collecting & Marketing Philosophy:                

We maintain a significant reference library to make certain we have the most current information available.

We document each item confirming the maker’s marks and dates. When requested, we include this documentation for your permanent records. 

We professionally photograph each item of inventory and make photographs available upon request.

We keep you in mind. We maintain a "wish list" and will contact you when we find an item we think will be of interest to you.

We warrant all items to be as described in the bold description of each item, or gladly refund your investment.

We pride ourselves in customer service and will make purchase and delivery convenient.                       Bill & Deborah Firth

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