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George II Silver Lemon Strainer
London, 1731                  #20002 -  SOLD
Maker: Samuel Welder
(Grimwade mark #2655)
Fully marked in bowl, one handle with a standard mark; outer rim of bowl features two different engraved contemporary crests
Length: 7 inches

Georgian Old Sheffield Plate Snuffer Tray & Snuffers

Footed tray: London, 1780,  engraved with crest      #20085
Snuffers: Birmingham, 1807, close plated; maker:  W. Scot     #20086

George III Pair Silver Casters
- [
London, 1804-05        #20053
Maker: Thomas Wallis, II
Fully marked on bases and cover; Height:  6 1/4 inches 

American Sterling Silver Muffineer
Philadelphia, Pa., c. 1880      #20052
Maker: Bailey Banks & Biddle
Fine piercework top      Height:  7 1/2 inches

Fine American Colonial Silver Bowl
Philadelphia circa 1775              #20057
Maker: William Hollingshead, (worked circa 1754-1785)                                          
Finely engraved foliate cypher MTCF, circular bowl on circular foot with applied gadrooned lip and chased gadrooning, maker's mark WH struck inside bowl four times
Height: 3 1/8 inches   Diameter: 5 3/4 inches    Weight: 9 troy ounces

American Sterling Inkstand
Washington, D.C., c. 1920         #20056
Galt & Brother
Engraved with family crests and monogrammed W on bottle tops & tray; struck "sterling" on base with George Washington Commemorative Medallion
Length: 11 � inches        Weight: 25 ounces

George II Silver Toddy Ladle
London, 1744                #20016
Maker: Richard Kersill
(Grimwade mark #2352)
Engraved with crest, seemingly original turned wood handle
Length: 15 inches

Pair Coin Silver Figural Salts -
Gorham & Company, 1865         #20087
Parcel gilt interiors
Weight: 12.37 ounces

Pair Victorian Cast Silver Salt Spoons -
London, 1857/1858            #20009
Maker: F.H.
Cast figural with parcel gilt interiors

Length:  4 1/2 inches

Pair George II Silver Caldron Salts
London, 1768                    #20098
Makers: David & Robert Hennell, I
Engraved contemporary arms

Pair George III Silver Salt Spoons
London, 1786                 #20011
Makers: Richard Crossley
Old English style, engraved crests
Length: 4 � inches

George II Silver Fish Slice/Pudding Trowel
London, 1775                            #20148
Maker: Robert Makepeace
(Worked 1767-1775 with this maker�s mark)
Turned wood handle with engraved crest
Length: 13 � inches

George IV Silver Gilt Grape Shears
London, 1825
Maker: Charles Rawlings
Heavy weight, excellent condition
Length: 7 inches

Pair George IV Silver Trencher Salts
London, 1830                     #20003
Maker: William Brown
Fully marked on bases
    Length:  4 3/4 inches     Height:  1 3/8 inches

Victorian Pair Silver Salt Spoons
London, 1837                 # 20010
Maker: William Eaton
Fiddle thread style, engraved crests, parcel gilt bowls
Length: 4 inches